Brochure 2015/2016: Project Partner:

Come to Poland, Become an Engineer

If you go to Peru, South America, and ask, who built the highest elevated railroad in the Andes, they will tell you it was Ernest Malinowski, an engineer from Poland. And who draw the plans for the city of Harbin, China? It was again a Polish engineer Adam Szydlowski. Polish engineers were much sought after already in the 19th century. But they are in demand today, too.

The American Black Hawk helicopters are build in a Polish factory. Polish engineers have been involved in designing the engines for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and it is because of the availability of good engineers that Google is building in Poland its R&D center, third in the world after USA and Israel. Polish engineers enjoy excellent reputation world-wide.

One doesn’t get born an engineer. It takes a good school to educate one to be an engineer. Poland has such schools; schools with a long tradition. The “Study Engineering in Poland” program represents twelve finest technical universities, members of the Conference of Rectors of Technical Universities in Poland (CRPUT). All these universities have a rich offer of engineering programs taught in English covering many fields from aerospace and mining to mechatronics and computer science.

I am convinced that every international student will find among them a program that best matches his or her interest. A close link existing between technical universities and industry and business makes it easy for an international student to get some “hands on” experience that will come very handy later, when looking for a job.

Coming to Poland you receive excellent engineering education that will be to the advantage of your career in any country. Studying in Poland can also be fun. There are interesting, historical towns to visit, cultural events and lively student community life to enjoy.

Come, study and enjoy student’s life, Polish technical universities are waiting.

Prof. Tadeusz Wieckowski
Rector, Wroclaw University of Technology
President, Conference of Rectors of Technical
Universities in Poland (CRPUT)